Distance from Milford City to:

Beaver City  - 40 miles

Cedar City  - 50 miles

Brian Head Ski Resort -  112 miles

Cedar Breaks National Monument -  72 miles

Bryce Canyon National Park - 112 miles

Capitol Reef National Park  - 156 miles

Fremont State Park -  50 miles

Great Basin National Park  - 91 miles

Lake Powell Recreation Area  - 214 miles

Lake Mead National Rec. Area  - 192 miles

Lehman Cave National Monument  - 89 miles

Zion National Park  - 90 miles

Grand Staircase National Park  - 142 miles


Attractions in Western Beaver County

The Western Desert Area is an exciting place to visit. Attractions include ghost towns, rock hounding, herds of wild horses and excellent hunting. Milford is the gateway to Lehman Cave National Park and Great Basin National Park located 89 miles west. Traveling west from Milford, tourists can visit the abandoned mining sites and ghost towns of Frisco, Shauntie and Newhouse. At its peak, Frisco was the queen of Utah’s mining camps. The Horn Silver Mine yielded rich silver ore, which in today’s dollar value would exceed one billion dollars of silver, lead, gold and other minerals.

The Mineral Mountains area and other parts of the western Beaver County ranges offer excellent hunting. Major hunts include: deer, antelope, elk, chucker, turkey and pheasants. The West Desert is also home to large herds of wild horses and numerous mountain lions.

Rock Hounding in the area is extremely popular. Minerals include obsidian, red beryl, opal, quartz, agate, fossils and many metalliferous specimens.

Renewable energy is developing rapidly in the Milford Valley. Wind turbines and solar panels surround Milford.