Program Program Director Age/Grade Registration Fees Registration Period Program Starts
Track and Field Jeep and Nisha Spaulding 2nd - 8th $30.00 03/01-03/31 Last week of March-April
Cal Ripken Brett Beebe 9-12 Yrs $60.00 03/01-03/31 April
Babe Ruth   13-16 Yrs $110.00 03/01-03/31 April
T-Ball Megan McMullin 4-5 Yrs $25.00 04/01-05/13 June
Coach Pitch Megan McMullin 6-7 Yrs $25.00 04/01-05/13 June

Senior Girls Softball

Junior Girls Softball

Tyler McMullin

 Tyler McMullin

9-14 Yrs








Youth Baseball Tyler McMullin  7-8 Yrs $30.00 04/01-05/13 June
Men's Softball Tyler McMullin  16+ $15.00 TBA June
Co-Ed Softball Tyler McMullin  16+ $15.00 TBA July
Flag Football Jayson Bailey  2nd-4th $30.00 06/22-07/27 August
Full Contact Football  Tui Aaitui 5th-8th $100.00 06/22-07/27 August
Junior Volleyball Meaghan AhFook  3rd-5th $15.00 06/22-07/28 August/September
Senior Volleyball  Meaghan AhFook 6th-8th $30.00 06/22-07/28 August/September
Girls Basketball  Cherristy Pectol 3rd-8th $40.00 09/19-10/19 November
Boys Basketball Nick & Crystal Schofield 1st-8th $40.00 09/19-10/19 November
Bantam Wrestling   PreK-8th $30.00 1/03 - 02/13 February
Jr High Wrestling Kelly Thompson 4th-8th $40.00 10/18-11/16  November/December

Registrations will be accepted for up to 5 days after the registration period ends with no late fee; however, the participant is not guaranteed a uniform and/or apparel.

Late registrations will be accepted for up to 7 days after the no late fee period ends with a $10 late fee.  Participants are not guaranteed a uniform and/or apparel.


Milford City Recreation Department relies on volunteers to help run our youth recreation programs. By utilizing volunteers, we are able to keep our registration fees affordable. If you would like to help run a program please contact Milford City Office at 435-387-2711.

Contact Information:

Tyler McMullin

Recreation Director



Lisa Thompson

Administrative Assistant


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