Open Burning and Permits for Milford City


Contact Numbers to obtain a burn permit:  Fire Chief, Les Whitney 435.691.2381  or  Deputy Fire Chief, Nolan Davis 435.691.9111

The burn period for Milford City is March 1st through April 30th, as long as the burning index permits.


                                                                                                    Stipulations for Burning

**IMPORTANT! A free burning permit is required for all residents. Contact Fire Chief Whitney or Deputy Fire Chief Nolan Davis to obtain a written permit before burning. Failure to do so could result in significant fines.

 o EACH time the permit is used, the applicant must notify Fire Chief Whitney or Deputy Chief Davis to confirm that the burning index permits burning (the atmospheric conditions are satisfactory.)

Residents can only burn the following: Natural growth materials such as yard debris, pruning’s from trees, bushes, plants, grass, weeds, and leaves.

 o The following items are prohibited: Trash, garbage or other wastes, tires, construction materials (wood, shingles, plastics, plywood, etc.), sheds or structures of that nature.

 Please take the following precautions to control the burn:

o Clear an area around where you are going to burn.

o Have a shovel and water readily available so that you can quickly douse things if the fire begins to spread. 

o Burn at a safe distance from any building, structure, or any other combustible materials.

o Burning shall be constantly attended by a competent person and shall be completely extinguished and cold by dark.

o Be courteous of your neighbors, inform them of your plans so they don’t get unnecessarily worried when they begin to see flames or smell smoke. Be polite. A slow smoldering fire is a nuisance to neighbors.